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Elguea Hotel
Elguea Hotel
Santa Clara, Villa Clara
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The prestige of Elguea makes it one of the most important health tourism pole in Latin America. The composition of its waters constitutes an inexhaustible source of health and life. Hyper mineralized waters that contain chloride, sodium, bromide and a low level of radon and sulphide. Its flow is of 25 liters per second and the average temperature is of 45-Celsius degrees. They provide relaxation, revitalization, getting back into shape, anti-stress, obesity, respiratory, circulation, motor and neurological treatments.

In order to make possible the exploitation of such beneficial waters, the SPA Elguea was constructed. A thermal center with a 1300 square feet area offers 3 pools of medicinal waters, a sauna, gymnasium, beauty salon, individual baths, massage parlors, rooms to rest and medical consultations.

The installations also offer electro therapy treatments, kynesy therapy, mud therapy, aerobic exercises, moxibustion, podiatric treatments, psycho-relaxation, hydro-therapy, physiotherapy, massotherapy, traditional medicine and facial mud treatments.

For all these reasons, Elguea is the best option for someone who wants to enjoy the excellence of health tourism.

Other attractions:

Visit the Che's Mausoleum where the famous heroic "guerrillero" was buried beside members of his Bolivian guerrilla.

Visit the Museo Casa natal of Wilfredo Lam (house where he was born) where the well-known painter spent the first years of his life.

Excursions to Cayeria Sabana, endless keys in virgin condition.

Visit the beaches of El Salto and Ganuza, located close to Elguea and where the pleasant nature invites us to return.


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